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Learning Based Approach
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Our approach centres on the message of Qur'an and the Hadith that Allah's Mercy supersedes His Wrath. Thus, lessons are taught with a message of love.
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In providing experential learning, we need to be constantly creative in delivery methods.
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In creativing a positive association with the Qur'an, the whole learning experience should be enjoyable and happy in stress-free, nurturing environment.
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We believe that a student-led, hands on approach in learning will create a deeper and more meaningful connection to the teachings of Qur'an.
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Topics Covered in Membership
Topics Covered
Happy Hija'iyyah and Surah Flashcards for children.
Interactive technique to memorize Juz Amma with hifdz gesture.
Simple Animation for 10 surahs to help children memorize easily.
Engaging Juz Amma & al-Fatihah storytimes with your lovely instructor.
Various fun activities for an experiential way to understand al-Quran.
Simple tafseer of Juz Amma for parents and teachers.
Awards & Recognitions
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iLuvQuran Award
iLuvQuran Award
iLuvQuran Award
iLuvQuran Award
iLuvQuran Award
iLuvQuran Award
Our Story
iLuvQuran Team

iLuvQuran was established in 2013 in the city of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia after their founders Brother Faiz Sahri and Sister Nur Zahirah M Sukran came back from Zahirah’s MBA journey in Dublin, Ireland.

Inspired by the engaging and child-friendly Irish education system as well as the opportunity for children to go to normal schools during the day while memorizing Al-Quran on afternoons or weekends that they saw at An-Nur Quran school in Dublin and the National Islamic School in Clonskeagh, Dublin, they sought to bring the engagement and creativity that exists in other subjects to the Quranic education so that our children will always feel that Al-Quran is one of the best sources of knowledge and guidance in their lives.